CheharaBusiness is a platform enables a company to communicate, engage and do knowledge management


CheharaBusiness is communication, engagement & development platform that revolutionizes the way geographically spread organizations engage with their employees on a daily basis.

Chehara Business has a video based training platform which helps in training the distributed workforce across the globe via video based live training and learning. It also supports ppt based broadcasts, reading material distribution and most important the ability to carry out online test to ascertain the degree of comprehension and assimilation of the communication/training. The back end analytical engine of Chehara Business has the ability to provide spontaneous dashboards and data on attendance (full, partial), completion of offline reading assignments (full, partial), results of the on line tests.


Achieve Organizational Objectives by Knowledge Management (KM)

Chehara KM (Knowledge Management) is the process of sharing organizational knowledge with employees with the purpose of achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. Chehara KM supports multi file upload from document, PDF, audios and videos for employees to watch in their mobile device or web.

Improve Internal Communication by Live Broadcast

Communicate live with a geographically dispersed workforce and archive it. It not only improves the company's internal communication quality but also cuts down a lot of costs. You can schedule, notify, deliver and archive the video broadcast for later references.

Handle Multiple Live KM Video Sessions by Resource Persons

In this geographically scattered workforce, the administrator alone can't do learning sessions. Chehara's Resource Person feature allows the company to create multiple resource persons to conduct the live video learning sessions to employees effectively. A chat-board enables the employees to interact with the resource person alone during the learning session

Analyze Employee Improvements through Certification Tests

Knowledge management comes a full circle with assessment of how employees understand the organization objectives by going through the documents, PDFs, Videos and Audios shared through Chehara KM feature.



It helps organizations connect, engage & develop their talent.


It helps bring significant efficiencies in the talent recruitment process in organizations


Enables employability by allowing talent to be showcased, identified & gainfully employed.

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